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Bit is a one room, 8-bit style, narrative driven game which takes place in a world infected with a deadly virus. People have started going crazy! You play as John Doe, a character who finds himself stuck in the very heart of the problem, slowly dying as the virus feasts on the very things that make you who you are. What will you spend your final days doing? How will you showcase your skills?

Instructions to play: A on gamepad / E on keyboard: Interact left gamepad joystick on gamepad / WASD on keyboard: move character

Thomas Paul Mouilleron - Producer, Technical artist, Gameplay programmer, UI artist

Maxim Isakov - Art director,  Environment & Prop artist, Lighting artist

Zuquiel Abrahams - Prop artist

Install instructions

Unzip the build file, the executable should be in WindowsNoEditor


Bit_DucktalkGames.zip 152 MB


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cool prototype ..hope full version

The feeels!

This is epic and super funny hahah. I hope for a sequel or more #WinkEmoji